How To Choose The Best Office Moving Company — Your Ultimate Guide!

Facing the challenge of relocating your entire team and equipment setup while keeping business disruptions to a minimum is no small feat. Moving to a new office sounds fun — and it is — but it’s also trickier than it appears. You might be considering handling the office move by yourself, but honestly, it’s usually smarter to hand it over to the pros. Expert office movers are qualified to pack your gear to the highest standards, guaranteeing safe arrival at your new site right on time, all while keeping your business running smoothly with minimal downtime.

Office relocations are really buzzing in London City right now; everyone who’s anyone is moving their business into the heart of the magic and hustle. There’s been an incredible jump in the demand for office space, soaring from 681,000 square feet to an impressive 1.1 million square feet! If you’re ready to make a huge statement with your business, it’s clear that London, including Walthamstow, is the go-to destination for office moves. It’s the dynamic epicentre of activity in the UK, where businesses are eagerly gathering to claim their space. 

Before you start packing up the boxes, you’re going to need to find the best office moving company — one that will have your back, carry the heavy loads, and make sure you’re organised. It can be overwhelming trying to select the right professional packing partners, so we’ve jotted down a guide to help you get moving.

The pros always have great testimonials and reviews

It might sound like common sense, but you’d be amazed at how often testimonials and reviews are overlooked. After investing so much in building your business or orchestrating your company’s move, entrusting the task to just any man with a van isn’t the best idea. Plenty of businesses have reached out to us for help following a botched office move; we’ve seen it all. That’s why our first piece of advice is straightforward — always opt for a verified office removal company.

The scope of office removals can range widely, from modest two-person operations to extensive corporate transfers involving hundreds of employees, heaps of IT gear, and plenty of furniture. It’s crucial to choose a mover with a track record in managing projects similar to yours; it’s one of the few ways to guarantee they’ll get the job done, and get it done right. Do some detective work and find as many testimonials and reviews as possible. That way, you can see if movers have a history of successfully relocating businesses or offices similar to yours and possess the necessary expertise for a repeat performance. 

A trustworthy moving company will openly showcase their latest client feedback and reviews. Scout their website, and remember to look over third-party review platforms like Google. At the same time, don’t have your expectations sky-high; it’s impossible for any business to satisfy everyone all the time, so a few negative comments shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. What really counts is the way a company addresses any emerging issues — that’s the true mark of professionalism.

Make sure you’re covered — insurance is your best friend!

When it comes to commercial relocations, insurance should be a priority. It’s the best way to make sure you (and your items) are protected against any mishaps or bumps during the move. Verify that your selected office moving company is well-equipped with appropriate insurance coverage, so you’re not stuck with broken items at the end of the road. Make sure they have: 

  • Public liability insurance 
  • Employee liability insurance 
  • Goods in transit insurance 

If you require extra coverage, it’s best to discuss this with your moving company. Don’t just assume that you’re covered under another policy. Also, don’t wait until after something goes wrong to ask about insurance!

Know the ins and outs of the service being provided

If you decide to go for a professional moving company, you need to know everything about their packing and unpacking services. Opting for a pro packer to handle your office removal means they’ll supply all the necessary boxes, crates, and packing supplies. But that doesn’t always mean they’re going to handle every aspect of the move; not every package includes comprehensive packing and unpacking services. It’s definitely a good idea to get all the service details before your office is moved, so you’re not surprised by a lot of unexpected work just when you think you’re done for the day. 

It’s best to leave the packing and unpacking in the hands of experts, particularly for commercial moves. But if you’re inclined to do it yourself, your movers should provide all the required materials well before the move. This allows you more than enough time to pack at your own pace and dodge any frantic last-minute preparations.

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Smooth IT integration — ensuring a seamless transition

In today’s world, relocating IT equipment is a staple of most office moves. Given the heavy reliance of businesses on these systems, it’s absolutely vital that this part of the move is executed flawlessly. It’s important to verify that your chosen moving company has a lot of experience in dealing with similar equipment and has the know-how to manage the relocation of servers and data racks that may be part of your setup. 

It’s quite common for removal companies to collaborate with specialised firms for the decommissioning and recommissioning of IT equipment. You need to confirm that your movers have a comprehensive strategy in place to ensure the smooth transition and integration of your IT infrastructure into your new space.

Out with the old — check disposal services

Out with the old, in with the new! If you find yourself needing to get rid of old furniture or outdated IT gear before your office move, it’s a good idea to bring this up with your moving company ahead of time. A trustworthy office removal company will be able to advise you on the optimal ways to dispose of these items. This could involve reselling them, recycling responsibly, or donating them. The goal is to find the most eco-friendly and effective method to part ways with the things you no longer require.

Check out your storage options

A lot of office relocations need storage space, either before the move, or while there’s renovation or reorganisation happening. This could be for equipment you no longer need but might make use of in the future, old furniture waiting to be sold, and more. Make some time to find out if your moving company provides storage services. If you end up needing storage, it’s comforting to know you have a reliable ally who can safely keep your items until you’re all set to get them back. Explore how convenient and cost-effective our Storage Units in Walthamstow are.

Reliable procedures for issue resolution

Truth be told, even the best-laid plans for moving can get messy. You can plan your move to the T and have all the logistics plotted out plus some strong voluntary manpower on hand, but it still can get overwhelming pretty quickly. This is where a top-notch moving company really proves its worth. 

It’s important to have a chat with your moving team to understand how they tackle both minor hiccups and more daunting challenges. The pros have usually encountered a wide range of anxiety-inducing situations and possess the savvy to deal with any unforeseen issues. 

When you’re armed with these insights and put them all together, you’ll be well-equipped to choose a mover that’s both skilled and efficient. This is a fresh start for your company, and if you do it right, a smooth move can be a fantastic springboard for your business’s continued success!

How to book efficient office removal

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