Here’s Why Using Your Employees to Move Offices Is a Bad Idea

Relocating to a different office space offers several benefits, including improved amenities, an environment more conducive to business needs, or proximity to key markets. Additionally, Clutch, a prominent guide in B2B procurement and staffing decisions, suggests that 67% of employees might find office relocation advantageous. Yet, undertaking this task involves significant planning and expert execution.

The temptation to use current staff for the move, aiming to reduce expenses, might introduce unforeseen challenges that surpass any savings. So, to combat this, we’ll be exploring the risks of delegating your office relocation to employees and underscore the value of engaging professional movers for a smooth, trouble-free shift.

Potential Risk of Injury & Damages

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Moving to a different office involves more than just boxing up items and transporting them. This process requires handling bulky furniture, sensitive electronic devices, secure documents, and various other precious assets. Asking staff to undertake these responsibilities is like navigating a precarious path with numerous risks.

Employee Safety Concerns

Team members might excel in their usual roles, yet relocating heavy objects demands specialised skills, training, and experience. Anticipating that employees will quickly adapt to managing large items could cause various injuries, ranging from minor strains to more serious issues. If your employees don’t have intimate knowledge of correct lifting methods, what could appear as a simple task to many may, instead, end up in an expensive and litigatory workplace injury.

Risk to Office Assets

Personal safety represents just one aspect of an office move. Another crucial element is the secure transport of your company’s assets. If you lack the very specialised moving equipment found in many professional office moving services, then that significantly raises the risk of damaging office property.

In today’s office setting, there are so many valuable assets that exist, ranging from the latest electronic wizardry to that plush custom office chair that cost a fortune. Errors in the moving process can cause substantial damage, leading to hefty financial losses and some very unhappy employees (often far worse for long-term productivity). If you don’t want to incur the expenses for replacing or repairing such items, which often surpass the savings gained by not hiring a professional removal firm, then don’t rely on internal resources for relocating an office.

Productivity Downswing

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Organisation employees are often cited as a company’s greatest asset, so tasking them with office relocation will shift their focus and time away from these duties, causing a drop in productivity and output.

Such a decrease in efficiency can significantly affect finances, particularly if the move spans days or weeks. Conversely, professional movers handle the relocation quickly and effectively, allowing team members to concentrate on their responsibilities and sustain productivity.

Stress & Morale

Relocating an office entails a stressful journey, filled with various obstacles and duties. Imposing this additional burden on an employee’s usual workload can intensify stress, adversely impacting their health and job performance. Furthermore, it might foster discontent among team members who perceive these extra responsibilities as beyond their role, thus diminishing morale. Engaging a professional moving firm guarantees that experienced specialists manage the move’s stress, enabling your staff to focus on their routine tasks within a more relaxed setting.

Lack of Experience & Expertise

The most committed and industrious team members might not possess the necessary expertise for an effective office relocation. Such a move demands careful planning, adept packing, safe transit, and thorough unpacking — skills that your employees may not have. Errors in the relocation process could result in asset loss or damage, mislaid documents, or prolonged downtime. In contrast, professional movers bring the required knowledge and experience to anticipate and address potential issues, guaranteeing a seamless move.

Liability Issues

Should an employee sustain injuries in the moving process, the company could face liability for medical bills and compensation, resulting in unforeseen expenses and possible legal issues. Likewise, if staff members damage property during the move — be it the former or new office — the business may bear financial responsibility for repairs. Hiring a professional moving company with suitable insurance coverage can circumvent these potential liability concerns.

A Logistical Nightmare

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Relocating an office presents a logistical puzzle, demanding meticulous planning and precise execution. Acquiring and securing permits, finding the optimal route, and managing to keep to schedule should be left to the experts. If you lack specialised know-how, your office move can end up being an absolute logistical nightmare! Leave your office move not to your employees, but to the professional movers who understand the risks and logistical challenges related to an office relocation.

No Transitional Storage Solutions

Storage solutions that are secure are a necessity for office relocation, even if you’re only planning to store your items for a brief period. Expecting employees to arrange transitional storage for your office’s furniture and supplies, or worse, to store them at their home, is unacceptable. Professional movers will offer a diverse range of storage solutions tailored to your specific requests and requirements, allowing for enhanced convenience and security.

Our Final Thoughts

At first glance, having your employees chip in to move offices may seem like a cost-saving and team-building solution, but the hidden risks and potential consequences are devastating. We’ve spoken about the potential for decreased productivity, increased stress, and even injuries and liability concerns — which hopefully dissuade you from considering this method.

Professional movers will allow your office move to be secure and efficient, without the risk of the above transgressions we’ve mentioned.

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