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To provide you with a comprehensive service, we also offer storage services along with our home removals. Our storage facilities are both affordable and secure, making them ideal places to store valuable items during holidays or while your move is in progress.

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Our Process in 3 Easy Steps

Ask for a quotation

The first step is to request a quotation from us. You can use our free online quote form to quickly and easily estimate your price in advance. We also offer various additional services like packing and unpacking. You can decide if you want to include any of these in your final removal and storage solution package.

Collection or delivery

We will contact you to schedule a convenient time to collect your belongings for storage. Our experienced team uses professional moving equipment to safely transport your items. However, if you would prefer, we also offer the option for you to deliver your boxes and other items directly to our storage space yourself.

Storing your belongings

Our storage experts will unload and arrange everything at your storage unit. Your belongings will be stored securely for a set period of time. After this timeframe has ended, we can either deliver the contents of your storage unit to your chosen location or you can collect them by yourself.

FAQs - Storage Rental


We rent out secure chests with a total capacity of 250 cubic feet (7 cubic metres). The cost of these is £17,2 per week, including VAT. However, the final quote you receive from us will also include any additional services you request, such as the loading or transport of your goods.

Our storage facility is in Rainham, East London, and we offer our office and home removals and storage services to customers in London, Walthamstow, Essex, and various other areas.

Absolutely. However, please bear in mind we do not offer self-storage units, so a prior appointment is needed. We will require a minimum of 5 days’ notice before you wish to visit the storage facility. An additional access fee will apply for any staff assistance in the warehouse.

Certainly, anytime. However, please note the price of storage space is based on volume. To make things simpler, we will quote you for any additional volume requirements in advance. You will also be able to contact our coordinator to discuss details further and arrange everything according to your storage needs.

Yes. In most cases, we will require either full payment or a deposit prior to the booking of any of our storage solutions or services. This procedure is in line with that of other reputable removal and storage companies.

Storage service

Removal and Storage Tips

When preparing your items for a removals and storage company, you need to make sure all your belongings are neatly packed. Ideally, you should try to use plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes, as they are sturdier and last longer. It’s also essential to carefully seal all of your containers so that whatever you store remains protected from moisture. As a first-rate removal and storage company in London, MH Removals offers customers the best deal on packing and storage services. This includes premium packaging materials and a crew that will come to your property to wrap everything for you.

Please avoid storing any kinds of food (including canned goods) or other perishables, like plants, in your storage unit. Not only do these items attract insects and rodents, but they also go bad very easily. When left in a sealed unit, this will lead to mould that could potentially cause damage to the rest of your belongings. When getting your items ready for storage, you’ll be able to ask your coordinator for clarification regarding what you should and should not pack into your containers.

Storage facilities are very useful for keeping your goods safe and secure. Their units make great private and business storage solutions — whether you have a large office inventory or are simply storing some items during a holiday or relocation period. Besides being one of the most reliable moving and storage companies in London, we have no limitations on renting time. This makes us ideal providers for a long-term storage service in London.

Storage units are especially handy for anyone moving to a new home. They are convenient places to store large items (like furniture) during the moving process, especially if you cannot immediately transport these pieces to your new property. Hiring a removal company with storage capabilities is a simple way to ease the process of moving homes. Making use of a furniture removals and storage service provides you with extra time to complete any necessary household admin before your moving day. This includes setting up your IT connections and getting your utilities running.

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