Discover the Convenience & Affordability of Our Storage Units in Walthamstow

On the hunt for a secure, budget-friendly, and convenient spot for storing your stuff in Walthamstow or London? Our storage units have you covered on all bases! We offer round-the-clock security and top-notch packing supplies. We even provide affordable services to pack, transport, and store your items for you. 

Our storage solutions are ideal for anyone needing additional space in the area, whether it’s for storing important office equipment until you need it later or keeping old furniture while you get your new home sorted. Our prices are half of what you’d typically pay for traditional self-storage options. There are some major perks of using our storage units; it doesn’t just stop at the price tag!

We provide 24/7 security systems for your belongings

MH Removals fully understands how precious your belongings are to you, and that’s why we’re deeply committed to their safety. It could be an expensive chunk of IT equipment or a small coin collection; every measure is taken to safeguard them while they’re with us. 

To make this happen, we’ve gone the extra mile in setting up 24/7 security systems for constant vigilance over our facilities. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art CCTV cameras that capture crystal-clear footage across our entire property, adding an additional shield against theft and harm. Trained professionals are also always on duty, meticulously watching over this footage to guarantee the safety and security of your items.

mh removals storage unit

Affordable storage in London — how do our rates compare to other storage options?

We get that everyone’s storage requirements are unique; a big office relocation will certainly have different requirements than a small one-bedroom move. That’s why we’ve tailored our rental options to be super flexible, allowing you to decide how long you need the unit. Our weekly payment plan gives you the liberty to rent a unit for just the right amount of time — short or long — without the stress of long-term contracts or sneaky extra charges. 

We’re all about making storage solutions affordable, practical, and easy to use. Our competitively priced units are more budget-friendly than many other local options, and they’re closer than you think.

You can snag one of our roomy units for only £20 per week, offering a generous 250 cubic feet of space. With MH Removals, you get up to 50% savings and 5% more room compared to other storage choices in Walthamstow and London. 

Our rates make us the top choice for anyone needing a bit of extra space, and won’t be breaking the bank anytime soon. Low prices don’t mean we cut corners on standards or convenience, either; quality, security, and a seamless move will always be our priority. 

professional packing equipment, sturdy boxes

Convenient in-and-out transport services and packing materials

MH Removals doesn’t just give you a storage unit and call it a day — we’re here to simplify your life by handling every little detail. We know a big move means a big life change, and that can be pretty stressful. Opting for our services means choosing convenience and peace of mind. We’re fully equipped to meet your needs, offering: 

  • Boxes 
  • Tape 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Other essential packing materials 
  • Transport solutions 

Our packing material pricing list breaks down all the details, so you can budget accordingly before your move! 

Our seasoned team is also ready to pack and transport your items to our facility. This means you don’t need to stress about truck rentals, sourcing packing supplies, the actual packing, or navigating busy city roads. For a small additional fee, we take care of it all for you — from packing and loading to transportation. 

Starting fresh with more space: How to rent our unit

Getting a storage unit with us is a breeze and totally fuss-free. Just fill out our online form or give us a call at 0203 488 01 90 for a free, no-obligation quote. Our professional and friendly team is always ready to respond to any queries you might have and help you find the perfect unit for your requirements. 

With our secure, cost-effective, and convenient options, you can free up space and bring more order to your life. Start fresh in a new property without unused items taking up room, knowing that our experts are taking care of your important belongings in a safe location nearby.

For a free, no-obligation quote call us on 0203 488 01 90