What is The Best Time of Year to Move House in the UK? How to Avoid Busiest Time of the Year for House Removal

Moving house can be extremely stressful, especially when it comes to deciding the right time to move. If you’re planning to move, ensure you read our complete seasonal guide to evaluate when during the year is best.

Why Timing Your House Removal Is Vital

Timing when you’re going to move house is more than just picking a day on a calendar and packing your bags. It’s about balancing several key factors, including the costs of moving, the availability of moving services, and even what the weather will be on the day.

If you have a family, timing is doubly important. You have to worry about whether the academic year will align with your moving plans and that your children won’t miss assignments or tests during the process. Above all, you want to alleviate stress with decisive planning.

Intuitively, off-peak seasons are the best times to move. Removal companies are more available, saving costs in the long run. And for families, relocating during the off season can allow for children to have ample time to adjust to a new home. Families also gain the ease of settling into a new neighbourhood, with time to establish themselves into the network of families around them.

Spring — The Best Time to Sell Your House

spring is the best time to sell your house

When spring rolls around, the UK housing market becomes abuzz with activity. It’s a favourable time for relocation, with mild weather and longer days. And for families, spring is the ideal time to move and give your children enough time to adjust before the start of a new school year in September.

But, spring isn’t all sunshine and daisies for moving house. The housing market surge means that you will generally pay higher moving costs, with more limited booking slots for removal services. If you plan to move in spring, be sure to book ahead of time so you’re not caught unawares.

Spring is a popular time for home sellers, so if you’re planning to sell your home, this season is a great time to do so. If you’re selling, you’ll be in a more advantageous position, but if you’re planning to buy then it’s perhaps better to wait. Although you will have a wide range of options for new housing, albeit at a higher price. 

Summer — The Busiest Time to Move

best time to move in uk is summer, many londoners prefer to move in august

Summer is without a doubt the busiest season for removals and moving house. Factors like the school holidays, generally favourable weather, and the economy are all heightened during summer — so booking ahead is crucial in this high-demand season.

The weather is the most ideal for moving, with less chances for rain or snow to disturb or damage your furniture and belongings. During summer, movers also have the benefit of longer days, which allow for more time to pack and unpack before the evening sets in.

As mentioned though, summer is extremely busy and can lead to very limited options for moving and removal services. This can pose a challenge to a family or professional with a tight schedule. As the economy flourishes in summer, so can the costs of removal companies as they match the demand for moving.

Londoners should also be wary of the peak summer heats, especially heat waves. If you’re planning to move during the summer, ensure you stay hydrated and remain in the shade when you’re not working. Overheating and exhaustion are common when summer movers aren’t careful.

Moving in summer can be done, but extensive planning is required to avoid stress and going over budget.

Autumn — A Season of Opportunity

autumn - could it be the best time of year to move house?

As summer dips into autumn, a season of opportunity emerges for house moving. Autumn is an off-peak season, with schools reopening being a major contributor. Moving services become more affordable and available, but life circumstances mean you’ll still need a flexible schedule in order to make the most of this season.

In addition to this, the generally unpredictable autumn weather can leave moving difficult if you’re caught in the rain or frost. Despite this challenge, moving comes with a lower price tag than spring and summer, as removal companies tend to lower their rates during off-peak seasons to attract customers.

Autumn is an advantageous time to move, but extra preparation is needed in order to combat the weather. Ensure you have waterproofing materials when you pack, and that you account for the reduced daylight hours to avoid unpacking during the evening.

Winter — The Quietest & Cheapest Time to Move

winter the cheapest time for house removal

Winter, as you can imagine, is the cheapest yet most overlooked time to move during the year. For the prospective mover, it offers unique advantages: less demand for removal services means that you often pay the least compared to the other seasons. But the freezing temperatures and limited daylight hours can deter movers even in the face of a better price tag.

If you want to maximise your winter move, here are some tips to remember.

  • Weather monitoring. Keep an eye on forecasts and be prepared to adjust plans for severe weather.
  • Home preparation. Ensure your new home has working heating, as well as clean carpets and floors to prevent snow and mud tracking.
  • Appropriate clothing. Dress in warm layers and keep hot drinks and snacks easily accessible to maintain energy.
  • Clear outdoor areas. Remove snow and ice from paths, driveways, and entrances, applying salt or sand for safety.
  • Vehicle inspection. If renting a van or truck, ensure it’s winter-ready with good tires and snow chains.
  • Safety first. Move cautiously on icy surfaces, stay hydrated, and seek help for heavy lifting.

Winter is a challenging time of year to move, but careful planning and safety measures can make it a successful venture. Remember to stay organised and prioritise safety when moving in winter.

When looking at data, August stands out as the most popular month for moving house throughout the year in the UK. August sits between the busy summer months and the beginning of the off-peak months of autumn and winter, making it ideal for weather and wallets alike.

Most importantly of all, August is the month before many schools open in the UK, so families are busy settling in before the academic year. Data also shows that job opportunities and careers change the most in August, as companies recruit summer employees.

August is also the month where many rental agreements and lease contracts end, with people taking the opportunity to browse around and find better or more affordable accommodations. University students favour August as their moving month, so they can nestle in for a new semester.

No matter where you are, the confluence of weather, career opportunities, student relocations, and leases make August the best month for house removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked questions if you’re still curious about when the best time to move is.

When is the cheapest time of year to move? 

January and February are considered to be the cheapest months to move. Removal companies often have the lowest rates during the winter season, offering the opportunity of a cost-effective move.

Is it worth taking a day off to move?

Taking a day from work to facilitate a move is often the most common practice, shy of moving over the weekend. However, taking the weekend to move may leave you drained and out of energy for the work week ahead, so taking a day off is a solid alternative.

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